“Non-surgical operations”: myth or reality?


Breast augmentation without surgery and https://pillintrip.com/medicine/tylenol is one of the most popular requests on the Internet. We are not looking for any miracle cures on the net: massage, vitamins, exercises, soda, red clover, iodine, oils and, of course, the notorious cabbage … Exercises will strengthen the back muscles and improve posture, but they will not affect the volume of the bust in any way. These are the structural features of the tissues of the mammary glands: it will not work to “pump up” the chest. As for other folk remedies, let’s talk sensibly: if, for example, cabbage helped, would there really be plastic surgery clinics?

Conclusion: without surgery, breast enlargement will not work. But the plastic surgeon will be able to make not only the desired size, but also create a beautiful shape of the breast.


How you want to remove the cheeks, restore clarity to the oval of the face, smooth out wrinkles … This is promised by creams, and masks with a lifting effect, and special gymnastics for the face. Let’s say right away: creams and masks, in principle, do not save from gravitational changes, that is, caused by the natural omission of tissues. Massages and Facebook building, which is now popular, are generally a dangerous thing, because facial muscles cannot be pumped up, but stretching the skin, which we don’t need at all, is easy.

Cosmetology offers effective non-surgical facelift techniques. This, for example, is 4D rejuvenation with the Photon laser (one session is enough) or a course of therapy on the Lifter apparatus. However, you need to understand that the effect of a facelift without surgery is possible up to a certain state. When wrinkles are very pronounced, and the oval of the face sags, it is best to think about the operation – facelift.


From hanging eyelids and bags under the eyes, we are also desperately trying to get rid of at home. Patches, compresses, taping, rubbing with ice, all the same gymnastics… Is it really easier to see a surgeon too?

In some cases, yes, that’s right. If you are worried about the impending eyelid, and it doesn’t matter whether it is due to age-related changes or structural features, nothing better than blepharoplasty has yet been invented. Eyelid surgery is one of the most demanded plastic surgeries and gives an excellent result: a young and open look. In addition, if necessary, the surgeon will relieve you of bags under the eyes and correct the nasolacrimal trough. But with small wrinkles and pigmentation in the area around the eyes, the Fotona Eye laser hardware procedure and Deka laser resurfacing will do well.


Correcting the shape of the nose without surgery is another popular request. There is a technique for nose correction with fillers, when a cosmetologist injects a drug based on hyaluronic acid. However, our cosmetologists oppose such interventions! The nose is a very complex vascular structure, and with an incorrectly selected drug or a large dosage, there is a risk of impaired blood supply to tissues and even necrosis. It is not uncommon for plastic surgeons to take over the correction of an incorrectly made correction with fillers. So, if you want to radically change the shape of your nose, you should go to a plastic surgeon for rhinoplasty.


And finally, it’s time to deal with the lips. There are three ways to increase lips. The first is a visual increase with the help of plumper gloss and other decorative cosmetics. The second is an increase with a filler based on hyaluronic acid. And the third is the intervention of a plastic surgeon (“bulhorn”, lipofilling). The operation is rather needed to change the contour and shape of the lips. But if you want to make your lips not only voluminous, but also smooth, juicy, moisturize from the inside – there is no better way than fillers.

Our advice: it is better to voice your wishes about changing your appearance during a consultation with your doctor. Believe me, a qualified doctor, whether a plastic surgeon or a cosmetologist, will always find the solution you need.

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