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Herpes Pictures: What are Genital Herpes, Transmission, Diagnosis and Treatment

Genital herpesGenital herpes is a chronic health condition caused by herpes simplex virus. The virus spreads into the body and greatly affects the genital area of the victim, causing severe signs and symptoms that gradually spread from genital areas to other parts of the body mainly cervix and skin.

The signs and symptoms of the diseases are most distressing. When one looks at genital herpes pictures or sees the symptoms experienced by close friend or relative, its heart breaking. There is not much anyone can do to cure the disease but prevention can certainly be a great source of staying away from the dreadful symptoms.

The most upsetting aspect of the disease is the existence of the virus in the victim’s body throughout his or her lifetime. It leaves behind no way to escape and the victim has to suffer periodic genital outbreaks in the form of blisters and lesions. The virus can stay hidden in the nerve cell of the victim’s body for long with no side affects at all. Conversely, at any period of time it can reactive or wake up to cause painful symptoms. The reactivation of dormant virus is mainly triggered by injury, emotional stress, menstruation, or genital irritation.

Genital Herpes Transmission

Genital herpes is a sexually transmitted leaving behind distressing affects. The infection starts spreading after the onset of itchy sores. However, even without visible symptoms, the disease is transmitted but the chances are reduced.

Genital herpes is mainly passed through skin contact especially during physical contacts like:

  • Vaginal sex
  • Anal sex
  • Oral sex
  • Kissing

Symptoms of Genital Herpes

The signs and symptoms of genital herpes when seen in herpes pictures puts you under stress and depression. When the herpes pictures are so upsetting then it’s difficult to consider how painful and distressing the actual symptoms may be. It is very important to be aware of all the symptoms so that early precautions can be taken and the extensive affects can be reduced.

General symptoms of genital herpes include:

  • Fever
  • Reduced appetite
  • Muscle ache
  • Skin tingling
  • Burning sensation
  • Swollen lymph nodes in the groin
  • Blisters with fluid
  • Itchy sores
  • Painful urination

Diagnosis of Genital Herpes

With genital herpes pictures being so dreadful, performing a test on the actual symptoms is even more troublesome. It’s not something that can be avoided so test and diagnosis becomes very important when you hear to any alarming signal.

Diagnosis of genital herpes is mainly done in the following ways:

  • Fluid Test: This test is done by doing the culture of the fluid taken from the blister. The positive result proves the occurrence of herpes.
  • PCR Test: This is also done using the fluid from the blister. A small amount of DNA is taken from the fluid to test the presence of herpes virus in the fluid sample.
  • Blood Tests: With the blood tests antibody levels are checked to confirm the disease.

Treatment of Genital Herpes

Unfortunately, there is no permanent cure or treatment for genital herpes. However, there are drugs, medications, and home therapies to relieve the painful symptoms and heal the sores.

Some of the most common treatments are:

  • Medications like acyclovir, famciclovir, and valacyclovir.
  • A C-Section for a pregnant woman if an outbreak occurs during pregnancy.
  • It is best to wear cotton garments that are loose and comfortable.
  • Bathing with warm water relives pain.
  • Use of gentle cleansing bath soap is also beneficial.