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Do Genital Herpes Itch?

Genital herpes is one of the sexually transmitted infections your teachers yelled at you about in various Human Growth and Development courses.  It is a disease that lasts throughout your whole life.  It may decrease in outbreaks as you age, but the genital bumps on your nether regions are one reason why you should be very careful before choosing to have sex.

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Genital herpes is diagnosed as a condition of irritating, painful sores in your genital area.  Do genital herpes itch?  Yes.  One of the symptoms of genital herpes is irritation of the skin in areas where you have had sex.  It will drive you crazy with unpleasantness.  Scratching those sores will irritate your skin worse and then there is simply pain.  Herpes is caused by a virus that can be tested for.  You can test for herpes by taking one of the sores from the infected region and placing it in a cell culture.  Once they multiply to provide a greater sample, a scientist can see whether or not this bump is a result of HSV (Herpes Simplex Virus).

The main difference between genital herpes testing in men and women is the area that is being tested.  Because men and women are different anatomically, they have different areas that could be infected.  However, these different areas are treated similarly.  Both sexes can have blood tests, where blood is drawn and tested to detect the presence of herpes.  Since it is a virus, HSV can have traces in the bloodstream.

How accurate are these tests?  No test is perfect, but the blood tests are very good.  However, this is under the condition that the population has a high prevalence of herpes.  In areas of low prevalence, positive tests are accurate only about 55-85% of the time.  The stress of a false positive test is not worth the chance of early detection.  Herpes sucks, but it is not the worst thing that can happen.  The best way to make sure that you do not have herpes is to have relations only with people you are confident do not have the disease.  Otherwise, abstinence guarantees 100% that herpes will not be a problem.

This disease has led to so many problems in society that it is silly to think it could be prevented simply by asking four simple little words: is it worth it?